Liberty PTC

Maegan Nazaroff, PTC President 2017-2018

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The Liberty Parent Club is an active organization which is open to all parents.  The Parent Club, with its many activities, is an integral part of the total school partnership between parents, children and staff.  It is truly rewarding at the end of every year to see how much Parent Club contributes to Liberty to make it the best school it can be.  For further information about Parent Club contact President Maegan Nazaroff at  

Volunteering at Liberty

The Liberty Parent Club recognizes that a wealth of experience, talents and interests are available in our community.  The volunteer program represents one way Liberty can use some of these resources for the benefit of our children.  Some volunteers work in the school on a regular basis.  Others may help with an individual project or activity.  If you want to learn more about our parent volunteer opportunities, contact the Liberty School office.

Community of Readers

Movie Nights

Vision & Hearing Screening

Parent Club Carnival

Drama Production

School Site Council (SSC)

Art Docent

Classroom Volunteer

Library Media Center

Room Parent

Multicultural Programs

SART Committee

Intramural Supervisor

Snack Bar

Field Trip Chaperone

Kindergarten Registration

Destination Imagination Coaches