Liberty Bullying Prevention

Prevention or Anti-Bullying Programs significantly impact the positive climate of Liberty Elementary students. Liberty’s programs provide a positive climate and culture that enables students to thrive.

Character Education

Character Counts curriculum is imbedded in daily routines, focusing on respectful and caring treatment of all student groups. Administration conducts presentations twice yearly at the beginning of the semesters to address bullying, zero tolerance policy, and sexual harassment.

Culture of ‘School Connectedness’

  • Implementation of coordinated programs with clear policies.

  • SQUAD Student Ambassador’s program to welcome new students.

  • SQUAD Peer Mediators (5th-6th) work with students experiencing conflict.

  • MAC Kids (Multi-cultural Advisory Council) & Liberty multicultural program to celebrate and learn about cultures represented at Liberty. Each event provides a dinner—a time for fellowship among our diverse community members.

Behavior Support

Clearly established policies for behavior. Disciplinary actions including investigate and assign consequences appropriate to the incident(s).

Personal Responsibility awards for students exhibiting appropriate behavior, quarterly incentive program.

Health Program/Delinquency Prevention

  • Daily attendance is monitored with district level support for families.

  • Health program provides immediate care, promotes positive health practices, and provides referrals to

    agencies that support families.

  • SAP (Student Assistance Program) conducts small group counseling for students struggling with divorce,

    anger, loss, etc.

  • Personal Behavior Contracts are created to individualize support for student behavior.

  • School psychologist works with students who struggling emotionally and socially. Academic Support

    • Teachers provide academic intervention during class in one-on-one and small group settings.

    • Before and after school intervention program are provided for students who struggling academically.

    • Push-in teachers provide individualized instruction to address specific student needs.